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  • 1 Road CONSTRUCTION and utility products with signs, cones, barricades and more
  • 2 TRAFFIC control products to channel cars, guide movement and calm motorists
  • 3 PARKING LOT products to route, notify, prevent damage and protect property
  • 4 SCHOOL crossing products to protect guards and ensure child safety
  • 5 LAW ENFORCEMENT & security products to identify, inform and protect
  • 6 FACILITY and GROUNDS to provide for a growing, green world
  • 7 WHITEBOARD products to track, monitor and administrate business
speed hump
Traffic Control
Traffic calming speed humps, parking lot car stops and more.

SA-SO manufactures hundreds of different kinds of standard and custom traffic products for every imaginable application including highways, roads, parking and more.

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Warning Signs

All signs are printed on .080 aluminum.

Regulatory Signs

Super Engineer Grade (SEG) reflective material

solar-powered stop sign from Sa-So
Solar-Powered Flashing Beacons & Signs
Dozens of products for traffic control.

We provide safety and traffic products for cities and towns of all sizes.

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  • ConstructionCONSTRUCTION and utility signs, cones, barriers and more.

    Fluorescent-colored cones create a protective barrier for people and property. MORE...
  • TrafficTRAFFIC control products to guide cars and calm motorists.

    Solar-powered blinking signs use the sun's energy to recharge batteries. MORE...
  • Parking LotPARKING LOT products to route, notify and prevent damage.

    Speed bumps and humps calm traffic in critical areas to create a safety zone. MORE...
  • SchoolsSCHOOL crossing products to protect guards and ensure child safety.

    Safety vests increase visibility enormously to drastically reduce accidents. MORE...
  • Law EnforcementPUBLIC SAFETY products to identify, inform and protect.

    Available in multiple designs with location, department, name & title. MORE...
  • Facilities and GroundsFACILITY products for events and crowd control inside and out.

    Save work and reduce litter by providing trash and recycling receptacles. MORE...
  • WhiteboardsWHITEBOARDS to track, monitor and administrate business.

    Custom whiteboards and accessories to streamline your management. MORE...
  • Solar Traffic ProductsSOLAR PRODUCTS to automatically regulate and warn on or off the grid.

    Solar-powered traffic products without external power sources. MORE...
  • All SignsAluminum, plastic and cloth signs to warn, regulate, and identify.

    Available in mesh lime or orange with one-color custom imprint. MORE...
  • Sign Posts & HardwareSteel & aluminum components, fluted poles, bases & more.

    Modular design gives you the versatility to create unique designs. MORE...
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