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Eye Protection

SA-SO is proud to provide our customers with Crossfire Safety Sunglasses that exceed the ANSI Z87 impact standard! Workplace eye injuries are a leading cause of eye trauma, vision loss, and blindness. SA-SO wants to help eliminate unnecessary eye injuries that could have been prevented by using the right kind of protective eyewear. Crossfire Safety Sunglasses are worn anywhere that eye safety is a primary concern. Crossfire Safety Sunglasses provide you with protection, fit, function, and style.

es5 safety glasses
ES5 Safety Glasses
Part No. REP29215
sniper safety glasses
Sniper Safety Glasses
Part No. REP9215
adjustable glasses cord
Adjustable Glasses Cord
Part No. REPG4

Crossfire Protective Eyewear 
- Exceeds ANSI 287 standards
- Comfortable fit
- Optically comfortable / no distortions
- Great for indoor and outdoor use

Description Part No.
ES5 Safety Glasses REP29215
Sniper Safety Glasses REP9215
Adjustable Glasses Cord REPG4