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Outdoor Grills

SA-SO outdoor grills are made from all-weather, durable, continuous-weld steel, and they're even theft-proof. These heavy-duty commercial grills come with stay-cool spring handles that are ideal for public use. They're perfect for parks, campgrounds, businesses and apartments!

Pedestal Grill
- 20" wide x 15" deep x 10" high inch fire box is made of 316" thick steel with a continuous weld type construction
- A formed ash lip provides extra reinforcement and helps retain coals in the box
- Grill has ½" steel bars welded on 1" centers and adjusts to 4 heights in the anti-theft designed slots
- Grill handles have heavy-duty cool spring grips designed for public use
- Grill has rounded corners, drain holes and 360° rotation on a 41" long theft resistant pedestal
- Non-toxic, heat and rust-resistant black enamel finish


Description Part No.
Pedastal Grill 14778


outdoor grill

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