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Security Ball Seals

SA-SO is proud to offer Tyden Ball Seals. Tyden security seals have been a worldwide standard for more than 100 years, and offers the best (indication of tampering) security available. Double locking ring design provides 100% effective closure. Removal of this security seal is impossible without leaving evidence of tampering. Suitable for use in warehouses, rail cars, shipping containers, tanker cars, tanker trucks, tractor trailer doors, equipment lockers and more. 

Tyden Metal Ball Seals
- The most widely used cargo seals in the world, for good reason!
- Pack of 100
- Used for tractor trailers, transport containers, and more
- Lead-free
- Consecutive numbering — pre-stamped
- Ball housing with double-lock ring design creates a tamper-proof seal
- Tensile strength of 375
- Size: 3/8" x 8 ¼"


Description Part No.
Tyden Metal Ball Seals 23147


tyden metal ball seals

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