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Traffic Mirrors

SA-SO helps make your parking lot or parking structure safer with traffic mirrors to help your customers see around blind corners and drive safely while on your property. SA-SO helps you increase driver awareness of hazards, obstacles, or special parking conditions. Keep motorists informed with traffic mirrors from SA-SO.

Outdoor Convex Mirror with Heavy Duty Hardware
- Heavy Duty Outdoor Style
- Galvanized steel backing, trim around lens edge, and mounting hardware
- Easy-swivel 160° adjustment for viewing at any angle!
- Galvanized metal back and rim for long life in any climate
- Lightweight for easy installation
- Heavy-duty hardware designed especially for outdoor use


Shape Size Part No.
Round 18" Diameter H114181
Round 26" Diameter H114261
Round 30" Diameter H114301
Round 36" Diameter H114361


outdoor convex mirror

outdoor mirror angle

160° adjustable
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Full Dome Mirror
- Improve safety at four-way intersections

- Dome provides a 360° view from any angle
- Aluminum metalizing provides brighter image than traditional glass mirrors
- Lightweight plex-acrylic is unbreakable under normal conditions
- Pre-drilled holes for ceiling installation and includes hanging chain for suspension from ceiling
- 36" mirrors ship motor freight


Size View Part No.
30" 420 sq. ft. 143305
36" 500 sq. ft. 143365


full dome mirror


Full Dome

full dome mirror angle

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Half Dome Mirror
- Flat wall-mount, halfdome mirror minimizes collisions at three-way intersections

- For offices, schools, and hospitals
- Aluminum metalizing provides brighter image
- Pre-drilled holes for ceiling installation, complete with Easy-Clip system for fast installation
- 36" mirrors ship motor freight


Size View Part No.
18" 150 sq. ft. 142185F


half dome mirror


Half-Dome for Flat Wall

half dome mirror angle

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Quarter Dome Mirror
- Prevent accidents at two-way blind corners and deter shoplifting

- Ideal for corridors, stairwells, aisles or hallways
- Plex-acrylic construction is virtually unbreakable
- Brighter, clearer image than standard glass mirrors
- 36" mirrors ship motor freight


Size View Part No.
30" 110 sq. ft. 141305F


quarter dome mirror


Half-Dome for Corners

quarter mirror angle

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