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SA-SO is a proud provider of Blackinton® Badges.  

Blackinton® Badges combine old world craftsmanship and modern manufacturing technologies producing the world’s finest quality badges and uniform insignia. Badges are made in the USA, and Blackinton® Badges are the number one choice of law enforcement and public safety professionals!

Don’t see the badge you need? Not a problem. SA-SO can help customize a badge for you, or you can design your own online!

Click the Design-A-Badge logo to design your badge today!

design a badge


Description Part No.
Choose a Blackington Badge See Below


A. Choose a Badge Finishing Style
nickel badge finish
rhodium badge finish
gold electroplatel badge fi
karatclad badge finish

Specify badge finish by adding
letter suffix to item number

NT - Nickel
RT - Rhodium
GT - Gold Electroplate
HT - Hi-Glo
LT - Rho-Glo
TT - Two Tone
KT - KaratClad®

hi glo badge finish
rho glo badge finish
two tone badge finish 1
two tone badge finish 2

B. Choose a Badge Fastener Style

1. Safety Catch (for Shirt and Coat Badges)
2. Screw Back (for Cap Badges)
3. Clutch Back (for Collar Badge and Name Bar)
4. Wallet (flat for smooth fit)


C. Choose a Badge Style
saso badge 1
Part No. B957
saso badge 2
Part No. B38
saso badge 3
Part No. B538
saso badge 4
Part No. B296
large badge
Part No. B38
2 9/16" x 1 9/16"
(Badge Actual Size)
saso badge 5
Part No. B891
saso badge 6
Part No. B956
saso badge 7
Part No. B2176
saso badge 8
Part No. B448
saso badge 9
Part No. B899H
saso badge 10
Part No. B544
saso badge 11
Part No. B879
saso badge 12
Part No. B21
saso badge 13
Part No. A6148
saso badge 14
Part No. B30
saso badge 15
Part No. B1013
saso badge 16
Part No. B2075


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