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Custom Parking Signs

SA-SO helps you grab attention with custom parking signs. Specify the words you want to appear on your custom parking lot signs. SA-SO uses Super Engineer Reflective, or SEG, reflective prismatic sheeting that provides better day and night-time brightness than traditional beaded engineer grade sheeting. This micro-prismatic retro-reflective sheeting is recommended for commercial sign applications as well as non-critical traffic control signs.


Suffix Size & Finish
C 12" x 18" Reflective
H 18" x 24" Non-Reflective
G 18" x 24" Reflective


no parking your wording no parking symbol your wording here fire lane sign no parking arrows no no parking times sign
Part No. 09682D Part No. 09681D Part No. 09602DD Part No. 09608DD Part No. 01539DD Part No. 01503DD
your wording parking sign reserved parking arrows sign visitor parking arrows parking arrows sign 2hr parking times sign 2hr parking sign
Part No. 09772D Part No. 09654DD Part No. 09446DD Part No. 01834DD Part No. 01827DD Part No. 01641D
 15min parking sign 10min parking times sign your wording parking green parking for customers your wording reserved your wording green shipping hours time sign
Part No. 09795D
18" X 12"
Part No. 01512D Part No. 01509D Part No. 09793D Part No. 09792D Part No. 09679D

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