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Standard Parking Signs

SA-SO wants to help make your facility welcoming, safe, and accessible to those with disabilities. SA-SO manufactures a wide variety of parking signage to help customers, employees and guests move safely and efficiently on your property. SA-SO's parking signs meet or exceed the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) standards to ensure that people with disabilities can access designated parking areas. SA-SO uses ASTM Type II Super Engineer Grade (SEG) sheeting on reflective signs so that your message is always clear day or night.

Part numbers with the letter suffix "D" denote 12" x 18" signs (unless otherwise noted) with a non-reflective surface. For a different size or finish, refer to the chart. For the proper letter designation.


Suffix Size & Material
C 12" x 18" Reflective
H 18" x 24" Non-Reflective
G 18" x 24" Reflective


no parking any time red sign no parking redonwhite fire lane redwhite sign violators towed sign school bus loading parking loading zone sign
Part No. 01648D Part No. 01578D Part No. 01527D Part No. 09451D Part No. 09749D Part No. 09662D
no truck parking sign parking symbol red white tow away zone sign handicapped parking sign accessible entrance sign van accessible sign
Part No. 01575D Part No. 09460D Part No. 09759D Part No. 09802D Part No. 09796D Part No. 09807D

 handicapped only sign
Part No. 09801D

reserved parking van accessible
Part No. 09146D

handicapped parking only
Part No. 09809D

reserved parking icon sign
Part No. 09345D

reserved parking permit required
Part No. 09394W
12" X 24" Non-Reflective
Part No. 09394V
12" x 24" Reflective

reserved park van accessible
Part No. 09834W
12" X 24" Non-Reflective
Part No. 09834V
12" x 24" Reflective

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Graffiti Buster II
- Removes stubborn graffiti
- Biodegradable, non-toxic and non-corrosive
- Use on sheeted signs, painted or polished metal, masonry, brick, natural stone or concrete aggregate
- 17 ounce aerosol can


Description Part No.
Case of 12 43241
Single Can 43240


spray cans


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