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Back to School Safety: Controlling Arrival and Dismissal Traffic

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With the upcoming school year starting, now is the time to assess drop-off/pick-up routes for possible improvements. Remember that safety risks can be present, even in well-designed school zones. Parent drivers sometimes disregard basic etiquette as they maneuver for position during arrival or dismissal times.

Some may be distracted by cell phones, while others may double-park or attempt illegal U-turns to shave off time. And student pedestrians may dart directly into traffic without paying much attention. 

Well-organized traffic conditions are critical to the safety of students, staff, and parent drivers. Are appropriate traffic control products in place to offset the traffic congestion and possible hazards? With just a few weeks left before the start of the school year, now is the perfect time to address these issues.  

Student Safety:
Is it time to spruce up siganage or replace damaged traffic cones? 

  • Reflective signs are specifically designed to warn motorists that children are present. They can be used to designate school zones, bus loading zones, playgrounds, or cell phone prohibited zones.  
  • Crosswalk signs should be placed directly in the road or crossing area to compel drivers to yield for pedestrians. Minicades are more portable A-frame signs for use in smaller locations.
  • MUTCD-compliant traffic cones direct motorist and pedestrian traffic and provide a protective barrier. They can be reflective and/or collapsible and many can easily be turn into signs. In fact, cones can meet a variety of needs with snap-on safety signs ("Keep Right," Keep Left," "Exit Only," "Do Not Enter," etc). 

Staff Safety:
Are your staff members and volunteers prepared with appropriate safety gear? 

  • Safety vests make your team visible in heavy traffic conditions and should be ANSI compliant. An ANSI Class 2 vest has at least 201 square inches of reflective striping, among other criteria. SA-SO signs & safety offers safety vests, T-shirts, and windbreakers that have been designed around these criteria. 
  • Traffic control paddles help crossing guards and staff direct traffic. Rather than a typical plastic paddle, ours is made from a honeycomb polypropylene material that is durable and light, weighing less than a pound. This type of paddle limits the physical strain on a crossing guard, who must hold the paddle for prolonged periods of time. 

Want to learn more about the array of traffic control products available to ensure a safe, smooth arrival and dismissal experience this school year? Check out the school products page, or give us a call at 972-641-4911. Anything you need, just say-so (SA-SO)!