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  • 1 Self-supporting SANDWICH SIGNS, an economical - and AVAILABLE - alternative to other sandwich sign frames.
  • 2 Road CONSTRUCTION and utility products with signs, cones, barricades and more
  • 3 TRAFFIC control products to channel cars, guide movement and calm motorists
  • 4 PARKING LOT products to route, notify, prevent damage and protect property
  • 5 SCHOOL crossing products to protect guards and ensure child safety
  • 6 LAW ENFORCEMENT & security products to identify, inform and protect
  • 7 FACILITY and GROUNDS to provide for a growing, green world
  • 8 WHITEBOARD products to track, monitor and administrate business
Make your brand pop with SA-SO's Single-Sided Illuminated Sign Kit
Lighted Signs
Enhance awareness at your facility or in your community with Illuminated Sign Kits and Illuminated Street Signs.

SA-SO's Illuminated Sign Kits and Illuminated Street Signs help increase safety by adding light to traditional signs. Available as a completed sign or make-your-own sign kit. 

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Warning Signs

All signs are printed on .080 aluminum.

Regulatory Signs

Super Engineer Grade (SEG) reflective material

solar-powered stop sign from Sa-So
Solar-Powered Flashing Beacons & Signs
Dozens of products for traffic control.

We provide safety and traffic products for cities and towns of all sizes.

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