Pedestrian Crossing

Solar-Powered Rectangular Flashing Beacons Pedestrian Crossing

Pedestrian Crossing

SA-SO's Solar-Powered Rectangular Rapid Flashing Beacons help raise driver awareness and increase attention to areas where pedestrians cross. This solar-powered device is perfect for crosswalks and temporary construction sites. They are self-contained and only minimal wiring is required. Low cost and low maintenance, they utilize renewable energy and can easily enhance stop sign visibility at intersections where there is heavy pedestrian traffic.

An RRFB shall only be installed to function as a pedestrian-actuated conspicuity enhancement. It is not a traffic control device. Pedestrians should still utilize standard precautions when crossing the street.

Rectangular Rapid Flashing Beacon:

  • Solar Powered
  • Weather-resistant enclosure
  • Great for new traffic crosswalks
  • Multiple activation methods available
  • FHWA Compliant Flash Pattern

Activation / Package Options:

  • 24/7 flashing
  • ADA pedestrian pushbutton activation with wireless communication and or countdown timer

Download the RRFB Pedestrian Single-Sided spec sheet

Description Part No.
Rectangular Rapid Flashing Beacon RRFB-1
State Law Crosswalk signs

Crosswalk Signs

SA-SO crosswalk safety signs and school-crossing signicade signs are perfect for letting drivers know they need to be extra cautious. SA-SO suggests you place these portable crosswalk signs directly in the road or crossing area to compel drivers to stop or yield. Alert motorists approaching school zones that children may be playing nearby, and that students and pedestrians may cross the street in these areas. Keep the community safe with SA-SO products.

Crosswalk Safety Signs

  • Protect pedestrians with double-sided crosswalk safety signs
  • Made out of .050 aluminum with high intensity reflective sheeting
  • Narrow enough to place in the road and very noticeable
  • Size: 11” wide x 52” high and identical wording on both sides
Description Part No.
STATE LAW - STOP for Pedestrians 36415S
STATE LAW - YIELD for Pedestrians 36415Y
Asphalt Installation Hardware 91400G
Concrete Installation Hardware 91500, 91501, or 91502
LED Crosswalk Paddles

Traffic Control Paddles

SA-SO traffic paddles are designed to assist crossing guards in controlling and alerting motorists to the presence of pedestrians on well traveled streets. The LED traffic control paddles are impact-resistant and come in either STOP/STOP or STOP/SLOW versions. These paddles feature LED lights that provide greater visibility than standard traffic control paddles. LED lights may be adjusted to stationary or flashing modes.


  • Weighs one pound
  • Durable lightweight design
  • Visible up to one mile away
  • LED lights can be set to either stationary or flashing mode
  • Rechargeable lithium ion battery
Description Part No.
18" LED STOP/STOP Traffic Control Paddle STSPLED18
18" LED STOP/SLOW Traffic Control Paddle STSWLED18

Ultra-Light™ STOP/STOP Paddle and STOP/SLOW Paddle

SA-SO’s Ultra-Light™ traffic control paddles are impact-resistant and come in either STOP/STOP or STOP/SLOW versions. These traffic control paddles offer all of the benefits of aluminum paddles but are much safer and reduce the risk of personal injury. This is not a typical plastic paddle, it is made from a honeycomb polypropylene material that is extremely light and durable.

Lightweight Crosswalk Paddles
  • Weighs one pound
  • Durable lightweight paddles provide stability
  • Super Engineer Grade (SEG) Reflectivity
  • Easy-grip, non-slip handle
  • Lightweight wooden staff

Download the promotional Traffic Control Paddle flyer

Description Part No.
18" STOP/STOP Ultra-Light Fully Reflective Traffic Control Paddle 03891FR
18" STOP/SLOW Ultra-Light Fully Reflective Traffic Control Paddle 03871FR
Paddle on stick.jpg

18" and 24" Double-Faced Aluminum Paddles

  • For construction zones, accident sites, or to alert motorists to upcoming hazards
  • Made from durable .080 aluminum
  • Impact-resistant STOP/STOP and STOP/SLOW paddle face offers superior durability
  • Size: 6' long staff; 6" letters
  • Size: 12" wooden handle; 6" letters
Description Part No.
18" STOP/STOP reflective aluminum sign 03831STST
18" STOP/SLOW reflective aluminum sign 03851STSL
24" STOP/STOP reflective aluminum sign 03381STST
24" STOP/SLOW reflective aluminum sign 03381STSL
6' Long staff 02379
12" Handle with rubber grip 02839
Slow Paddle for Crosswalks in black and orange
Stop paddle.jpg