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Safety Flags & Markers

SA-SO safety flags are perfect for letting drivers know they need to be extra cautious! They send a clear and visible message to alert drivers. SA-SO safety flags are made to inform motorists of changes in the roadway ahead.

Safety Flagssafety flags
- A clear, visible message to alert drivers
- Flag 33021 with weighted edge conforms to MUTCD
- Strong, lightweight wooden dowel
- Fluorescent or red cotton
- Choose from five styles

Description Flag Part No.
Fluorescent Flag 16" x 16" with stiffener 33008
Fluorescent Flag 18" x 18" red vinyl 33035
Red Cotton Flag 18" x 18" with stiffener 47202
Red Cotton Flag 24" x 24" with weighted edge 33021

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Slow Moving Vehicle Signslow moving vehicle
- Visible up to 500 ft.
- Gives motorists time to navigate
- Reflective border, fluorescent center
- Aluminum with pre-drilled holes
- Size: 16" x 14"

Description Part No.
.040 Aluminum 02650


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High Visibility Flaghigh visibility flag
- Adds visibility to tractor or heavy equipment
- Includes 6' x 5/16" non-conductive fiberglass pole
- Mounting brackets
- Nylon-reinforced vinyl
- Flag size: 15" x 16"

Description Part No.
High Visibility Flag 33041


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Tana Wire Markerstana wire markers
- Mark power and communication lines
- Mark guy wires at airports, helicopter approach areas, river and canyon crossings.
- Mark overhead obstructions at construction sites
- 20" markers meet FAA specifications
- Durable, fiberglass construction withstands all weather conditions
- UV-resistant strip bushings installed on the wire match diameter opening
- Bolt marker around wire and clamp bushing for secure fit
- Size: 12" or 20" diameter

Marker Size Cable Diameter Part No.
12" 3/4" OD 47555
20" 1" OD 47556