About SA-SO's Solar Traffic Calming Products:

SA-SO Signs & Safety is leading the way with our AC and solar powered traffic calming products. We stand behind our products and want to provide you the best solutions possible. Solar energy is a great alternative when A/C power and wiring is not available or practical.

A key component to solar power is access to sunlight, Our solar products are most efficient when they receive maximum sunlight possible. Consider these variables to get optimal performance and power capacity with your SA-SO solar product:

  • Install devices with the solar panel facing south
  • Avoid areas that cast shadows over the solar panel
  • Evaluate weather and cloud coverage throughout the year.

As a result of these factors SA-SO has developed, or in some case pre-programed, the product settings to ensure maximum power reserves so these units will function throughout various weather and cloud conditions. Our units need a minimum of 3 hours of sunlight to fully charge the battery in most cases.

SA-SO’s radar speed signs are pre-programed to activate at the posted speed limit (and not lower) in order to conserve power. Additionally they do not activate at speeds greater than 25 mph over the limit in order to deter thrill-seeking speeders.

If solar is not the ideal solution for you, contact your account manager to learn more about SA-SO’s A/C powered devices.