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Parking Lot Signs

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SA-SO has a specialized parking-lot sign for almost every parking situation. SA-SO wants to help make your facility welcoming, safe, and accessible. SA-SO manufactures a wide variety of parking signs that help customers, employees, and guests move safely and efficiently on your property. SA-SO uses ASTM Type II Super Engineer Grade (SEG) sheeting on reflective signs so that your message is always clear day or night.

Parking Lot Signs

Part numbers with the letter suffix "D" denote 12" x 18" signs with a non-reflective surface are typically the most commonly requested. For all size and finish options, refer to the chart for the proper letter designation.

Suffix Size & Finish
C 12" x 18" Reflective
D 12" x 18" Non-Reflective
G 18" x 24" Reflective
H 18" x 24" Non-Reflective


towing enforced sign lock take hide sign employee parking sign resident parking only sign compace car only sign faculty and staff parking sign
Part No. 09350 Part No. 09349 Part No. 09784 Part No. 01836 Part No. 09439 Part No. 01697
reserved for employee of the month sign do not block drive sign buses only sign authorized vehicles only sign no parking any time red sign no parking redonwhite
Part No. 09475 Part No. 09729 Part No. 01830 Part No. 01691 Part No. 01648 Part No. 01578



fire lane redwhite sign violators towed sign loading zone sign no truck parking sign parking symbol red white tow away zone sign
Part No. 01527 Part No. 09451 Part No. 09662 Part No. 01575 Part No. 09460 Part No. 09759
handicapped parking sign accessible entrance sign van accessible sign handicapped only sign reserved parking van accessible handicapped parking only
Part No. 09802 Part No. 09796 Part No. 09807 Part No. 09801 Part No. 09146 Part No. 09809

reserved parking icon sign
Part No. 09345

reserved parking permit required
Part No. 09394W
12" X 24" Non-Reflective
Part No. 09394V
12" x 24" Reflective

reserved park van accessible
Part No. 09834W
12" X 24" Non-Reflective
Part No. 09834V
12" x 24" Reflective



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Supplemental Plaque Signs

12" x 6" Supplemental Plaques


blue van accessible sign
Part No. 09626 
 tow away zone 2
Part No. 09414
 left arrow sign
Part No. 09477
 white van accessible sign
Part No. 09622
 specify fine amount sign
Part No. 09264
Specify Amount
 handicap only sign
Part No. 09503*
 *Note: Sign available
in 12" x 12" and 18"
x 18" sizes with
Reflective & Non
-Reflective finishes

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Custom Parking Lot Signs

Suffix Size & Finish
C 12" x 18" Reflective
D 12" x 18" Non-Reflective
G 18" x 24" Reflective
H 18" x 24" Non-Reflective
Suffix Arrow Designation
D Double Arrow
L Left Arrow
R Right Arrow
N No Arrow







no parking your wording no parking symbol your wording here fire lane sign no parking arrows no no parking times sign
Part No. 09682 Part No. 09681 Part No. 09602 Part No. 09608 Part No. 01539 Part No. 01503
your wording parking sign 2hr parking times sign 2hr parking sign  15min parking sign 10min parking times sign your wording parking green
Part No. 09772 Part No. 01827 Part No. 01641 Part No. 01512 Part No. 01509 Part No. 09793
parking for customers your wording reserved your wording green
Part No. 09792 Part No. 09679

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Property Parking Lot Signs

Property Parking Signs come standard in 12" x 18" and 18" x 24" .080 aluminum. Please refer to the chart for the property letter designation for desired size and finish.

Suffix Size & Finish
C 12" x 18" Reflective
D 12" x 18" Non-Reflective
G 18" x 24" Reflective
H 18" x 24" Non-Reflective
neighborhood crime watch sign no dumping sign private property sign not an exit white
 Part No. 02228 Part No. 01892 Part No. 09466 Part No. 09823
no soliciting sign no loitering allowed sign no skateboards sign speed bump ahead yellow
Part No. 02826 Part No. 09285 Part No. 09462 Part No. 09666

The Property Parking Signs below come standard in 20" x 14" and .040 non-reflective aluminum.

property protected sign
Part No. 02002 
property protected sign
Part No. 02657 
private property sign 2
Part No. 02001

The Property Parking Signs below come standard in 14" x 10" and .040 non-reflective aluminum.

no trespassing sign 2
Part No. 02148F
private property sign 3
Part No. 02186F
authorized personnel only s
Part No. RA10D1SS
do not enter sign 2
Part No. RA18D1SS
no loitering sign
Part No. 02825F
danger keep out sign
Part No. 04186F
danger restricted area sign
Part No. 04682F
danger high voltage sign
Part No. 04048F

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