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U-Channel Sign Post Hardware

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SA-SO sign mounting hardware provides you with everything you need to mount your sign. Whatever type of sign post you choose: U-Channel Sign Post, Square Sign Post or Tubular Sign Post. SA-SO has the correct sign post hardware you need!

Two-In-One Sign Brackets sign saver installed
- Use as "Sign Saver" with U-channel posts
- To prevent warping and extend sign life
- Use to mount signs to chain link easily
- 3" x 3" .080 aluminum plate

Description Part No.
Two-In-One Sign Brackets 03137


5⁄16" Bolts, Nuts  & Washers sign hardware nuts bolts
- Corrosion-resistant plating
- Perfect for U-channel, square, and delineator posts

Description Part No.
12" x 516" Hardware 10
pack contains bolts, nuts,
washers and lock washers

2 12" x 516" Hardware 20
pack contains bolts, nuts,
washers and lock washers




Tamper Proof Nuts & Bolts
sign hardware tamper proof
- Zinc-plated nut and bolt system  
- Hardware comes 100 to a bag 
- Cone-shaped fluted nut cannot be removed with a standard wrench, but special tool tightens and releases the nut easily

Description Part No.
2 12" x 516" Bolts and Nut 03171
Nut Tool 03172

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Square Sign Post Hardware

square sign post base Flat Concrete Base for Square Sign Post
- Stable mounting in pavement or concrete
- Works with any size square post
- Two corner bolts (sold separately) fasten post into base
- Install using Drop-In Concrete Anchor Kit

Description Part No.
Flat Concrete Base 03299


Corner Bolt & Square Nut Jamcorner bolt
- Installs quickly and easily
- Perfect for Breakaway Posts and splices

Description Part No.

10 Pack



Drive Rivetssquare sign post rivet
- Theft and vandal resistant 
- Use rivet on square posts
- Easyto apply: a hammer is all you need
- Built-in washer protects the face of the sign
- Once rivet is hammered into the square post it flares out

Description Part No.
Drive Rivets DRAS3878-06-W


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Tubular Sign Post Hardware


15" Sign Base for U-Channel or Square Post u channel or square base
- Lets you put a sign anywhere
- For permanent installation to pavement or asphalt, use the three convenient mounting holes to anchor the base with anchor bolts

Description Part No.
U-Channel or Square Sign Base 03175
Replacement Stub 03176
Anchor Bolts - 4 Pack QB38234



Floor/Surface Flange for 2 3/8" Tubular Sign Postfloor flange tubular sign
- Malleable steel, one-piece 8" x 7¼" construction for surface mounting on paved areas
- Tubular post is supported by a 5" cup, with two 916" hex setscrews (included) for more stability
- Install on concrete with anchor bolts.
- Order four bolts per base


Description Part No.
Malleable Floor & Surface Flange FF238

Anchor Bolts - 4 Pack




Adjustable Band Bracketadjustable band sign bracke
- Zinc-coated steel
- Resists corrosion
- Adjust to fit 4" - 12" posts
- All mounting hardware included
- Two complete assemblies

Description Part No.
Adjustable Band Bracket 10630 


2 3/8" OD Sign Clamps

- Install quickly and easilyback to back od clamps
- Die-cast for maximum durability
- Two complete clamp assemblies with all the hardware

Description Part No.
2 3/8" OD Sign Clamps 03237


Back-to-Back Clamps for 2 3/8" OD Post

- Die-cast for maximum durabilityod sign clamps
- Rust-free aluminum
- Two complete assemblies including all hardware

Description Part No.

Back-to-Back Clamps for 2 3/8" OD Post



Aluminum Press-On Post Cap aluminum post cap
- Increases post life and delays rust
- Requires no threading
- Keeps rain from collecting in post

Description Part No.
Aluminum Press-On Post Cap 03285


Aluminum Sign Bracketsaluminum sign brackets
- Attach signs to tubular posts with no drilling
- Economical strong extruded aluminum
- All mounting hardware included
- 2 Pack

Description Part No.
Aluminum Sign Brackets 03154