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Striping & Stencil Paint

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SA-SO helps you easily preserve the layout of your parking lot. SA-SO Parking lot stencil and striping paint is designed to last. Clearly-marked parking-lot lines and graphic elements are needed to easily direct traffic. When it comes to wearability, our rubberized (rubber-based) paint has outstanding wear characteristics. It’s got the ability to deeply penetrate concrete, brick, and asphalt roadway surfaces. SA-SO also offers a Fast Drying latex paint that’s easy to apply on most road materials with a brush, roller, or sprayer. 

Rubberized Traffic Parking Paintreflective paint 1
- Penetrates deeply into porous surfaces
- Rubber-based for outstanding wear
- Ships HazMat
- Dries in 15-20 minutes
- Coverage is 320' x 4" wide stripes

Description Size Part No.
White Rubberized Paint 1 Gallon 43103
White Rubberized Paint 5 Gallons 43100
Yellow Rubberized Paint 1 Gallon 43104
Yellow Rubberized Paint 5 Gallons 43101
Blue Rubberized Paint 1 Gallon 43106
Blue Rubberized Paint 5 Gallons 43107
Red Rubberized Paint 1 Gallon 43112
Red Rubberized Paint 5 Gallons 43111


Tolulene Thinnerreflective paint 1
- Works with non-latex paints
- One gallon of Toluene Thinner thins five gallons of paint
- Ships HazMat


Description Size Part No.
Tolulene Thinner 1 Gallon 43105
Tolulene Thinner 5 Gallons 43102


Bright Red Enamel Paintreflective paint 1
- Highly visible
- Great for all porous or metallic surfaces
- For best results, do not apply to concrete that has cured for less than 90 days, and not below 40°F


Description Size Part No.
Red Enamel Paint 1 Gallon 43131
Red Enamel Paint 5 Gallons 43130


Fast Drying Latex Paintreflective paint 1
- Easy to apply on most road materials with brush, roller, or sprayer

- Meets Federal Specifications TT-P 1952B for low-volatile organic compounds (VOCs)
- Does not ship HazMat
- For better performance, do not apply with temp below 50° F or with humidity above 80%
- Dries in 5-15 minutes
- Coverage is 320' x 4" wide stripes


Description Size Part No.
White Latex Paint 1 Gallon 43964
White Latex Paint 5 Gallons 43965
Yellow Latex Paint 1 Gallon 43967
Yellow Latex Paint 5 Gallons 43968
Black Brite Stripe 1 Gallon 43970
Black Brite Stripe 5 Gallons 43971


Stencil Inksstencil inks spray can
- Adhere to almost any surface and will dry instantly

- Waterproof, weather-resistant
- Spray valve resists clogging and delivers a uniform coating
- 12 ounce can
- Quantity prices apply to same color cans

Description Part No.
White Stencil Ink 42500
Red Stencil Ink 42501
Yellow Stencil Ink 42502
Black Stencil Ink 42503
Dark Blue Stencil Ink 42504


Traffic Paintparking lot traffic paint
- The extremely durable, water-resistant formula will not wash away in the rain
- Non-clogging design allows the paint to completely empty,minimizing waste
- High output tips provide a brighter line
- Low Volatile Organic Compounds (VOC), low toxicity, no fluorocarbons and lead free
- Sold in case of 12

Description Part No.
White Traffic Paint 41071
Yellow Traffic Paint 41072
Black Traffic Paint 41073
Red Traffic Paint 41074
Blue Traffic Paint 41075


Standard Glass Beadsstandard glass marking bead
- Glass beads make markings become visible at night

- Round, uniform retroreflection spec'd to Aashto Type I
- High durability and long-term retro-reflectivity
- 50 pound bag

Description Part No.
Standard Glass Beads 43255


Paint Wand Marking Toolpaint wand marking tool
- Lightweight, portable design is great for use on grass, pavement or bare ground
- Includes a detachable guide wheel
- 34” overall length

Description Part No.
Paint Wand Marking Tool 41281


Traffic Aerosol Paint Stripertraffic aerosol paint strip
 - Versatile and durable
 - Spray tip activator that works with nearly every paint brand
 - Heavy-duty construction boasts a durable all metal body
 - 10" rubber tread tires
 - Bottom wind block to prevent over spray
 - Stripes a 2" to 4" line
 - Built-in case storage tray for easy access
 - Paint not included

Description Part No.
Traffic Aerosol Paint Striper 41070

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