Traffic Cones

SA-SO's traffic cones can help you create a protective barrier that directs drivers and pedestrians. Our PVC molded traffic safety cones are available in orange and lime. Choose MUTCD-compliant cones with or without reflective collars. Our standard traffic cone is 100% PVC injection-molded, stacks well, and has a specially-designed cleated base that grips the road. SA-SO also offers custom-printed message cones and Snap-On signs for traffic cones to turn them into signs. Nothing gets attention like SA-SO traffic cones!

PVC Molded Traffic Cones

  • Our traffic cones are 100% PVC injection-molded
  • They stack well and have specially designed cleated bases that grip the road.
  • Use our brilliantly colored cones to create a protective barrier for people and property.

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Description Part No.
18" Orange Cone no collar RS45015C
18" Orange Cone w/ 1 reflective collar RS45015M6
18" Lime Cone no collar RS45015L
18" Lime Cone w/ 1 reflective collar RS450156L
28" Orange Cone no collar RS70032
28" Orange Cone w/ 2 reflective collar RS70032M64
28" Lime Cone no collar RS70032LIME
28" Lime Cone w/ 2 reflective collar RS70032M64L
36" Orange Cone no collar RS90045CT
36" Orange Cone w/ 2 reflective collar RS900453M64
36" Lime Cone no collar RSN0045CTLIME
36" Lime Cone w/ 2 reflective collar RSN0045CTM64LIME
Grabber Tube.jpg

Grabber Tubes

  • All components meet federal MUTCD standards
  • UV inhibitors minimize fading
  • Reflective bands are recessed to prevent rips when stacking
  • Cones and tubes constructed of low-density polyethylene
  • Rubber bases are recycled and recyclable
  • Shown with reflective collars
  • 42" cones have keyhole slot for easy mounting of signs or sheeted rails
Description Part No.
42" Grabber Tube w/ 2 reflective collars (base sold separately) 47812C
Grabber Tube Base 47812BASE

Snap-On Safety Signs for Traffic Cones

  • Turn your cones into signs.
  • Our Snap-On Safety Signs work with all sizes of cones.
  • Custom printing is available to meet your needs

Change messages in a snap with SA-SO Cone Snap-on signs!


Part No. 47193


Part No. 47193W


Part No. 47189


Part No. 47192


Part No. 47191


Part No. 47876


Part No. 47194


Part No. 47880


Part No. 47887


Part No. 47198


Part No. 47187


Part No. 47879


Part No. 47882


Part No. STOPR


Part No. 47454


Part No. 47454W

cone with sign.jpg
putting sign on cone.jpg
  • Snap-On Safety Signs
  • clip into the top
  • of a standard
  • traffic cone
Description Sizes
Snap-On Safety Signs Choose from: 12 ¾" x 10 ½" OR 12" x 13 ¼"