Flexible Sign Post

SA-SO flexible sign posts can help ensure that motorists do not damage signs on your property. Safely indicate hazards, obstacles or special parking conditions while limiting the risk of damage to your signs.

FlexPost™ Flexible Post System

  • Reboundable steel post with base is flexible when hit from any angle
  • Size: 75" post height with 9" base (asphalt & concrete)
  • Holds plastic or aluminum signs up to 16" x 26"
  • First metal recovery post on market; FlexPost returns to original position with little or no scratches on vehicle
  • Asphalt or concrete mounting hardware is included
Description Part No.
FlexPost, Asphalt 102AM
FlexPost, Concrete 101CM
Impact Recovery.jpg

Impact Recovery Sign Post

  • Designed for parking lot installation with 3 ½" lag screws, #165B
  • For stability, use the epoxy kit, item #160EX, along with lag screws or the portable base
  • Supports plastic or aluminum signs
  • Tough polypropylene post with reactive spring
  • Requires Allen wrench for assembly
  • Size: 5' and 5 ½' post height with fixed, 3" rubber base
  • All posts include bases
Description Part No.
White 60" Recovery Post 47451
White 66" Recovery Post 47452
3 ½" Lag Screws 165B
Epoxy 2 Gallon, 15 Base Kit 160EX