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SA-SO pavement markers are long-lasting markers used for line marking on road surfaces. These lightweight pavement markers are impact-resistant for maximum effectiveness. SA-SO pavement markers are highly durable and suitable for use in all weather conditions.

Reflective Pavement Markers

  • Brilliant color to reduce accidents
  • Help motorists follow curves and traffic lanes, day or night
  • High-impact ABS with optic-grade methyl methacrylate lens
  • Size: 4"x 4"x ¾"
  • Can be applied with epoxy
Housing Description Part No.
Yellow 2 Amber 44020
White 2 Clear 44022C
White 1 Clear 44035
White 1 Clear, 1 Red 44023
Blue 2 Blue 44026
Red 2 Red 44032

Ceramic Pavement Markers

  • Glazed finish resists weather
  • Non-reflective
  • Textured bottom helps them stay in place with epoxy
  • 4" markers are sold in boxes of 50; 8" markers are sold individually

Reflective Channel Pavement Markers

  • Reflective to be visible at night and in bad weather
  • For temporary or permanent applications
  • High-impact ceramic
  • White for one-way traffic; Yellow for two-way traffic
  • Size: ¾" x 6" diameter
  • Can be applied with epoxy
Description Part No.
4" Yellow 44019BXT
8" Yellow 44037Y
Description Part No.
6" 2-Way Yellow 44031
Epoxy Kits 1 quart 44164
Epoxy Kits 1 gallon 44163
Epoxy Kits 2 gallons 160EX


SA-SO reflectors and delineators alert drivers to obstacles and changes in the roadway to make our roads safer. Highly reflective and dirt-resistant, SA-SO reflectors and delineators increase visibility at night by reflecting light back towards the vehicle. We also offer delineator posts, reflectors, delineators, hazard markers and object markers.

*Specify color by adding letter suffix to item number Amber (A), Clear (C), or Red (R)

Description Part No.
3" Center-Mount Reflectors 47359
1 1/2" x 5/16" Bolt and Nut for Installing Reflectors 03132