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Parking Lot Stencils

SA-SO helps make your parking lot safer. SA-SO parking lot stencils (line stencils, flexible stencils, and letter & number stencils) can help ensure that motorists drive safely while on your property. SA-SO helps you increase driver awareness of hazards, obstacles, or special parking conditions. Parking lot stencils keep drivers informed with clear instructions.

Flexible Stencils

  • Flexible Stencils
  • Easy to use. Paint with brush, roller, or spray
  • Sturdy enough to stay flat without curling at the corners, yet flexible enough to conform to contours
  • Paint won’t stick to the .125 PolyTough™ plastic
Description Part No.
Small Handicap Stencil, 27" x 30" 42350
Handicap Symbol, 42" x 47", 48" x 60" overall 42351
Size is for the stencil itself
Stencil Small.jpg

Parking Lot & Curb Stencils

  • Easy to handle
  • Flexible .125 plastic
  • 4"-high letters
  • Larger sizes available if needed
Description Part No.
NO PARKING 26" Length 42283
FIRELANE 23" Length 42284
RESERVED 23" Length 42285
HANDICAP 22" Length 42291
Size is for the stencil itself