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Speed Bumps & HUMPS

SA-SO's parking-lot car stops, speed bumps and speed humps are made from 100% recycled rubber, allowing them to easily conform to the road. Each one is baked in a mold with embedded highly-reflective tape resulting in longer product life. Consider SA-SO when choosing traffic calming devices for your location!

Standard Speed Bumps

  • For traffic speeds 10 MPH or less
  • For use in moderate traffic areas
  • Channeled bottom for cables protection
  • Add End Caps to protect your investment

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Description Part No.
4’ Speed Bump - 4’(L) x 12"(W) x 2.6"(H) SB48-SE
6’ Speed Bump - 6’(L) x 12"(W) x 2.6"(H) SB72-SE
Rubber End Cap - 12"(L) x 12"(W) x 2.6"(H) SBEC
Asphalt Installation Hardware 91400G
Concrete Installation Hardware 91500, 91501, or 91502
2 Gallon Epoxy Kit 44163
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Safety Rider® Speed Humps

  • Slows vehicles while maintaining traffic flow
  • Great for entertainment venues
  • Tongue and groove system
  • Add End Caps to protect your investment
Description Part No.
19.5" Speed Hump Center Section 23500V
19.5" Speed Hump End Cap - Female 23501V
19.5" Speed Hump End Cap - Male 23502V
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Temporary Cable Guard

  • Protects cable from vehicle traffic
  • Perfect for new construction pre-wiring or new installations
  • Available in easy to use 5-foot sections
  • Accommodates cords and cable up to .625 inches
  • Easily anchored with concrete screws if needed
  • Can be produced in any length through special order
Description Part No.
Temporary Cable Guard TCG5
Cable guard 2.jpg