Striping & Stencil Paint

SA-SO helps you easily preserve the layout of your parking lot. SA-SO parking lot stencil and striping paint is designed to last. Clearly marked parking lot lines and graphic elements are needed to easily direct traffic. When it comes to wearability, our rubberized (rubber-based) paint has outstanding wear characteristics. It has the ability to deeply penetrate concrete, brick, and asphalt roadway surfaces. SA-SO also offers a Fast Drying latex paint that’s easy to apply on most road materials with a brush, roller, or sprayer.

Rubberized Traffic Parking Paint

  • Penetrates deeply into porous surfaces
  • Rubber-based for outstanding wear
  • Ships HazMat
  • Dries in 15-20 minutes
Description Size Part No.
White Rubberized Paint 1 Gallon 43103
White Rubberized Paint 5 Gallons 43100
Yellow Rubberized Paint 1 Gallon 43104
Yellow Rubberized Paint 5 Gallons 43101
Blue Rubberized Paint 1 Gallon 43106
Blue Rubberized Paint 5 Gallons 43107
Red Rubberized Paint 1 Gallon 43112
Red Rubberized Paint 5 Gallons 43111
Paint Thinner.jpg

Tolulene Thinner

  • Works with non-latex paints
  • One gallon of Toluene Thinner thins five gallons of paint
  • Ships HazMat
Description Part No.
Tolulene Thinner - 5 Gallons 43102