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Traffic Control Paddles

SA-SO traffic paddles are designed to help crossing guards control traffic and alert motorists to the presence of pedestrians on well travelled streets. SA-SO’s Ultra-Light™ traffic control paddles are impact-resistant and come in either STOP/STOP or STOP/SLOW versions. These traffic control paddles offer all of the benefits of aluminum paddles but are much safer and reduce the risk of personal injury. This is not a typical plastic paddle, it is made from a honeycomb polypropylene material that is extremely light and durable.

traffic control paddle 1
Part No. 03891FR
traffic control paddle 2
Part No. 03871FR

Ultra-Light™ STOP/STOP Paddle and STOP/SLOW Paddle
- Weighs one pound
- Durable lightweight paddles provide stability
- Super Engineer Grade (SEG) Reflectivity
- Easy-grip, non-slip handle
- Lightweight wooden staff

Description Part No.
18" STOP/STOP Ultra-Light Fully Reflective Traffic Control Paddle 03891FR
18" STOP/SLOW Ultra-Light Fully Reflective Traffic Control Paddle 03871FR

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traffic control paddle 3
Part No. 03831STST
traffic control paddle 4
Part No. 03851STSL
6 ft long staff
Part No. 02379

18" and 24" Double-Faced Aluminum Paddles

- For construction zones, accident sites, or to alert motorists to upcoming hazards
- Made from durable .080 aluminum
- Impact-resistant STOP/STOP and STOP/SLOW paddle face offers superior durability
- Size: 6' long staff; 12" wooden handle; 6" letters
- Size: 12" wooden handle; 6" letters

Description Part No.
18" STOP/STOP reflective aluminum sign 03831STST
18" STOP/SLOW reflective aluminum sign 03851STSL
24" STOP/STOP reflective aluminum sign 03381STST
24" STOP/SLOW reflective aluminum sign 03381STSL
6' Long staff 02379
12" Handle with rubber grip 02839