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Radar Feedback Sign

SA-SO's Radar Feedback Sign helps calm traffic by displaying driver's current speed and notifying them of the legal speed limit in a given area. The printed signs are MUTCD compliant, and the electronic portion of the sign can be AC- or solar-powered. To complete the set-up, choose a speed limit aluminum sign, an electronic sign, and an aluminum "YOUR SPEED" sign. When choosing the solar option, consider location as solar panels must face south for optimal performance and power capacity

Radar Feedback Sign:SA-SO's Radar Feedback Sign
- Solar Power or AC Options
- MUTCD compliant
- Weather-resistant enclosure
- Can be mounted to temporary sign stands
- Multiple activation methods available
- Field repariable, modular design

Programmable Software Includes:
- Data tracker and statistics
- A/C and solar options available
- Bluetooth accessible

Download the Radar Feedback Sign Specification Sheet


Description Part No.
Solar- or AC-Powered Radar Sign
(15" lettering, standard bracket)
Solar- or AC-Powered Radar Sign
(15" lettering, standard bracket, software enabled)



SA-SO's Radar Feedback Sign


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