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Solar-Powered Flashing Beacon

SA-SO's Solar-Powered Flashing Beacons aid in increasing driver awareness of high traffic and pedestrian-traveled areas. Use this product to help prevent accidents in school zones and other hazardous areas. Available in either amber (yellow) or red LED lights, our solar-powered flashing beacons are MUTCD compliant. Place them anywhere with no wiring needed as they’re completely self-contained. Low cost and low maintenance, they utilize renewable energy and can easily enhance stop sign visibility at problem intersections.

Solar Powered Flashing Beacon:solar flashing beacon
- Solar Powered
- Available in red or amber
- Weather-resistant enclosure
- Can be mounted to temporary sign stands
- Great for new intersections
- Multiple activation methods available

Activation / Package Options:
- 24/7 flashing
- Programmable timer
- Wireless key fob activation (900 ft. maximum distance)
- ADA pedestrian pushbutton activation with wireless communication and/or countdown timer

Additional Resources:

pdfDownload the Solar Powered Flashing Beacon spec sheet

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Description Part No.
Solar Powered Flashing Beacon HD-302


solar powered flashing beacon

solar powered flashing beacon

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